just darling.

i feel like if i had to pick my fave word of all time.
it just might be the word darling.
its just so cute. so sweet. so girlie. so lovely.
say it out loud with me . . . darling.
don't you instantly feel more feminine?!
the word darling has long been a big part of my vocabulary.
it is decided. darling is my fave word of all time. 

that being said. 
imagine my pure delight when i was gifted the most lovely magazine entitled . . .
you guessed it. yes. darling. how darling is that?!
my heart skipped a beat & i just knew that i would forever be a friend of the mag.

the cover alone stole my heart.
a bundle of oversized round balloons.
its just so whimsy & flirty.

i decided that i needed to prepare a cup of hot tea.
& cozy up at the dining room table to drool over every last page of this mag.
this was certainly going to demand all of my attention.
and i was happy to give it.

with every flip of the beautiful matte page . . .
i felt more & more as if this darling mag was written just for me.
the fashions. the images. the styling.
it is so me.

the table of contents has the mag broken down into several 
darling little manifestos. my fave being the confidant. the stylist. & the hostess.
within the pages it then has articles & features geared towards each woman.

i mean really?! how impossibly cute are these illustrations?
ahhh. i am just dying over every last bit of this.
{i would totally wear the outfit that this paper doll is donning}

yes. without a doubt. i would wear this outfit. too.
the tips for the girl of style are just fantastic. 

hello, mod. hello, perfection.
dressing like an icon. that is what i am talking about!

a black & white uniform that screams both class & edge.
i am pretty sure that is a c'est si bon girls everyday wear.
{right this very moment i am wearing white skinnies with a black & white polka dot top}

i just swooned over this article.
throwing a love party for all of your besties?!
why didn't i think of that?
it is the most perfect way to show love & appreciation for our sweet friends.
{again. every outfit in this image belongs in my closet}

it was the back cover that made this girlie-girl want to do backflips.
how stinkin cute is this pledge that epitomizes darling?!
my fave lines of all read . . .
"darling leads women to practice the arts of virtue, wit, modesty, & wisdom.
all the while creating beauty & embodying love."

ok. darling mag. will you be my very best friend?
i simply adore you to the one hundredth power. 

for all of you lovelies that are just like me. drooling over this mag.
find them on facebook. they post super cute articles. per usual.
darling mag is a quarterly publication. & absolutely a collectors item.

love. love. love.

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  1. thanks darling for sharing! looks lovely. hope you are well.


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