wee gallery.

i am humbled and honored to call sweet surya my new friend.
surya is the brilliant & artistic mind behind wee gallery.
smart art for little minds. 

back when i was newly preggo. 
i was browsing through one of my all time fave baby stores.
and stumbled upon the most darling set of art cards that are designed to 
stimulate visual development in newborns & infants.
i was so intrigued by them that i started to read the information on the back of the box.
much to my delight i saw that the "homebase" of this 
genius company was in my very neighborhood. 
how cool is that?!
i decided right then & there that i needed to reach out to them.
and so i did.
and so it began.
a friendship. an admiration. & an inspiration.

allow me to share with you a little bit about wee gallery & the precious family behind it.

wee gallery is a family created. family owned. & family operated. childrens company.
they create artistic designs that are essential for visual & cognitive development.
on top of being smart. they are impossibly darling. 
i had the pleasure of visiting the wee gallery studio & chatting with surya.
you will find joy in hearing about my little afternoon visit. 

walking up to their home. i was greeted with a gentle & sincere hello.
surya met me outside and generously invited me into her home.
surya was born and raised in india. naturally her home had the aroma of spices & curries.
her childrens artwork sprinkled the walls. & love was clearly filling the space.
it was an environment of inspiration. creativity. & relationships.

in the back of their home lies their studio.
the place where all of the art is designed & created.
wee gallery is most well known for their art cards.
black & white patterned cards that engage & stimulate young eyes & minds.

surya explains the great value of these cards . . .
"In the first years of a baby’s life, the brain is busy building its wiring system. 
The amount of stimulation a baby receives directly affects how many synapses are formed. Repetitive stimulation strengthens these connections and makes them permanent. 
While the child grows, their brain receives input from all five senses. 
This input causes nerve cells to multiply 
and form a multitude of connections with other nerve cells. 
This is why visual stimulation is so crucial. 
Research has proven that black and white “contrasts” 
register more powerfully on a baby’s retina and 
send the strongest visual signals to the child’s brain. 
Stronger signals mean more brain growth and faster visual development."

how fascinating is that?
with that knowledge. and a young babe of their own.
surya & her husband decided to help stimulate their childs development by
painting a black & white zebra mural on his wall.
and then they created the art cards.

surya does all of the darling artwork by hand. 
she says she is most inspired by nature.
calling nature the most phenomenal artist.
she has always loved drawing animals.
{and her biology degree gave her a lot of extra practice}
so it just seemed natural to create the animal art cards.

wee gallery have also created the most darling black & white nesting dolls.
they may be the cutest nesting dolls i have ever seen.

the packaging alone is just stinkin cute.

again. the high contrast & repeating patterns are so beneficial to cognitive development.
plus. stacking & ordering skills would also be enhanced by these dolls.
such a brilliant. beyond brilliant. idea.

in the studio. an inspiration wall serves as the home for prospective ideas.
like these precious onsies that surya is playing around with.
i just adore them.

everything about them is cute.
down to the little wooden birdie tag.
love it. 

i was so inspired after my visit with surya.
aside from admiring her as a person & mother.
she is such an innovative. creative. & ambitious woman.
after all. starting a project in your home & having your products sold at the MOMA
is quite an extraordinary. amazing achievement. 
yes. thats right. you heard me correctly.
the wee gallery products are sold in the MOMA in new york city.
that. is. big. time. 

surya was sweet enough to give baby patrick a set of the art cards.
and i have to be honest. he is completely intrigued by them. it is amazing.
when we hold the cards in front of his face. he will track the cards with his little eyes.
quite incredible to know that such a little guy has a big brain that is developing everyday.
and we are thrilled to know that wee gallery helps him develop even greater.

i highly encourage all of you to check out the wee gallery website.
they have a ton of products that are worth checking out.

thank you. surya. 
you inspire me.

{all opinions expressed are my own. wee gallery did provide product for review}

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