the terry brett collection.

don't you just love when you stumble upon an artist that you adore.
you know. when you are coveting every single piece they create.
when you wish that your home could be overflowing with their designs.

i feel that way about one particular artist & his eclectic collection.

the terry brett collection.

he is hands down. my all time fave artist.
he is just so talented. in so many mediums. in so many genres.
a true renaissance man. in every sense of the word.
from carpentry. to painting. to sculpture work. this artist is remarkable.

. . . and he happens to be my sweet. sweet daddy.

how lucky am i that my house is sprinkled with his art work?!
i have his traditional city scene paintings hanging on my walls.
his jackson pollock-esque murals propped on my mantels. 
his custom designed furniture fills my spaces.

today i want to share with you two of my very fave pieces.
two very special pieces that were created just for me.

this first piece is just amazing.
i love the height of the table. the length of the table. & the curve of the legs.
it is just stunning. and the fact that my daddy made it makes it even more wonderful.

i just love the distressed finish. it is black but not too heavy.
& i especially adore the white pinstripe that outlines the curves.

can you believe that he carved each of these legs?
such incredible talent for a weekend hobby project.

anytime anyone walks into our living room they always comment on this table.
& i am always so very proud to tell them that my daddy made it.
{notice his jackson pollock-esque painting. too.}

again notice the weight of these legs.
each one is solid wood. about three inches thick.
just amazing.

the second piece is our entry way table.
& is equally as impressive.

cream & gold finish. carved & curved legs. hand painted embellishments.
this little table is a great big a show stopper when you walk in our front door.

i adore the bevelled edges.
it adds so much to the table.

just beautiful. don't you agree?

wouldn't you just love to own a piece of the terry brett collection?!
worth far more than any other. and that is for certain.

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  1. yes, please!!! I agree, and I am lucky enough to have a painting from the terry brett collection, and I love it. Hoping to get more pieces at some point, too. thank you for sharing your artist! ;-)


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