smash cake extravaganza.

boy. oh. boy. 
did we have fun with patrick's smash cake!

i wanted to give him plenty of time to really enjoy his first birthday cake
so we did his real smash cake the day before his party.
i mean. let's just be honest . . .
we are all a bit envious of the whole smash cake idea.
none of us get to dive in. heads first. well, hands first. into a giant cake.
eat till our hearts content. with frosting on every inch of our nearly naked bod. 
and since this only happens once. i wanted to do it right.

so in true birthday style. 
patrick had his way with his smash cake.
. . . and ate it. too. 

he got all dressed up in his birthday suit. 

& had to do the once over in the mirror. 

as usual. he was quite pleased with what he saw in the reflection. 

pleased with it all. minus the birthday hat.
{he is his fathers son. no pom-pom hats allowed}

after donning his birthday bloomers. he was ready.

a bit skeptical. 
mama. is this a trick?

and needed to do some serious sensory investigating. 

after deciding that this is just wonderful
i snuck on that silly birthday hat again. 

it only lasted for about two licks. 

hats off to a big messy frosting extravaganza. 

frosting finger painting. it just doesn't get much better. 

nevermind. it totally gets better. 

all ten fingers. all ten toes. & everything in between frosting painting.

that is sweet.

loved watching this little one year old make one big mess. 

because if it is not messy. it is not birthday smash cake fun. 

want a bite mama?

tricked ya. this bites for me. 

in true boy style.
we just had to bring our wagon in for the fun. 

& oh my. it was wheely fun. 

our smash cake extravaganza was the best.

and perfectly messy. as mama had wished it would be. 

all in all.
it was a smashin fun time. 

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