patrick's tribe.

little mister loves to hold little "guys" in his hands.
those chubby little fingers grasp on tight to little things all day long. 
i found these darling. just darling. little guys on etsy
and just as mama hoped . . . patrick adores them. 

see for yourself why . . . 
patrick's gang of buds is quite fun.

he's got cowboy sheriffs & bandits as buds.

& one little. two little. cute little indians. 

he's got robbers.
the cutest little bad guys you ever did see.

& coppers. too. 

he's got a whole gang of pirates.

yo ho. yo ho. 

i mean. honestly. it doesn't get much cuter. 
these little wooden guys are the perfect size for patrick.
not too big for his hands. 
not too small that mama has to worry.

i just adore them. 
consider yourself warned mama friends. 
this may be my new go-to birthday gift. 
cause hey. everyone needs their very own tribe of buds. 

1 comment:

  1. I've been making these for Brie since she was about Patrick's age! Se has a gaggle of princesses and a few fairy tale characters. They are so much fun to make!


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