a black door.

in my opinion . . .
a lacquered black door is the epitome of chic. 
i have always loved the look of a super shiny. super high glossed black door.
it is sharp. it is bold. it is elegant. it is perfect.

as of today. our front door is now lacquered. black. & shiny. 
can hardly wait to get our brass lions head door knocker polished up.
it is going to look so lovely.

check out a few of my door inspirations.

are those doors not the picture perfect definition of class?!
i just swoon over these images . . .

and i may or may not continue to go outside
every few minutes to look at my new front door.
love it so.


  1. Loving your new front door!! Beautiful! I love a super chic front door.

  2. That is a very elegant door for sure. How long have you been interested in the lacquered black look? It is very stylish as you stated, I may have to steal the idea for when it is time to move into our new home. Hope you do not mind!

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock


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