love, your mommy.

hi. baby.
i just love you so.
i love your sweet little noises. and your silly little cry.
i love the way you smell. and how you stretch real big. and your cute little nose.
i love when you open your eyes. when you furrow your brow. & when you pucker your lips.
but most of all.
i love that you will be my baby boy.
forever. and ever. and ever.
it is a beautiful blessing from our great Lord. 
and i am eternally grateful.
your mommy.

forgive me for all the times i cannot immediately soothe you.
and the moments when my tears come from exhaustion.
and for the days that i forget to pack an extra diaper in the bag.

i am still learning. but i promise i will get better.
atleast. i will try.

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