everyday love.

nowadays it is the everyday kind of love that makes my heart pitter-patter.

the small. seemingly insignificant. moments that sprinkle our days together at home.
quiet afternoons that resonate with the whimpers of a sleeping babe. 
the smell of a clean babe. the feel of him wrapped in swaddling clothes. 
the way he looks up at me as i feed him. his little fingers grabbing mine.
& the countless expressions that his precious little face makes. 

little moments that could easily go unnoticed.
those are the moments that completely & wonderfully fill my heart with joy.

i know these quiet & tender moments won't last long. 
so i am soaking up every. little. last. morsel. of everyday newborn baby love. 

my little everyday love.
it makes my everyday even sweeter than ever imaginable. 

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