well, hello.

hiya. hey there. hello. 
i am so thrilled that you have found me.

i am kristen.
wife. mother. child of god. hopeless romantic.
fashion enthusiast. home design dreamer. sugar lover. 
gift wrapping collector. jackie o inspired. francophile.
if you can relate to any of those descriptions . . .
than you & i will get along swell. 

i am a part of a sweet little family of three. 
my prince of a husband. my little lump of love baby. & me.
we live in saint petersburg. florida. 
in a town full of family & friends & memories where lovie & i both grew up.
where we met. where we dated. and eventually wed.
we love our town. & we will be here forever.
i am most certain that makes me the luckiest of all the girls in the world.

i have worn many hats in my 29 years of life. 
& i still try a few of them on for size every once in awhile.
i just happen to have a lot of passion in a lot of different areas.

i have been a personal shopper in nyc . . . 
which exponentially enhanced my enthusiasm for fashion.
an mtv event hospitality coordinator . . . 
which added to my adoration for playing the hostess.
a first grade teacher . . . 
which taught me that i am not as patient as i once thought.
& now a stay at home mom . . . 
which has been the greatest hat to wear of them all.

thats just a tid-bit about little ol' me.
i hope that you will continue to come by c'est si bon 
again & again for very frequent little visits.
come join me as we celebrate this oh. so. good. life.

it is my absolute joy to now meet you.

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