mom hack: chick fil a.

can i be completely honest?
we visit our local chick-fil-a at least three times a week.
ok. fine. maybe four or five times a week.

are you judging me?

please don't. 
it is just so impossibly yummy. 
and it might be the only meat that my tot will actually eat.

i scream for chickie nuggies. & he does. too.  

to put it simply. 
if mama loves it. and tot loves it.
it is a grand slam in my book.  

you can imagine my utter delight when the owner of our chick-fil-a . . .
mister-dave-with-the-dog-on-his-belt as we refer to him in our house . . .
told me about the "heat it when you need it" nugget trays. 

my mind was blown. 

these trays come in small. medium. & large. 
they are fully cooked. & then chilled until you wish to serve them.

they are so great for a gathering of friends.
a bible study get together.
or a kids party.

you just pop those nuggets in the oven for about 15 minutes 
& they are ready to be served.
so super convenient & yummy.

but my favorite thing about these chilled trays . . .
the fact that we now have bottomless nuggets in our freezer.
how amazing is that?!

yes. i may or may not have purchased two trays to keep in my freezer.
that way. on the days that i don't feel like heading to chick-fil-a
i can serve it to patrick right at home.

i simply pull out a handful of nuggets. 
heat them. & serve them.

patrick gets the pleasure of having his CFA nuggets.
i get the pleasure of staying at home to get things done.
we are both gloriously happy.

i feel certain that as my stash runs low i will be 
refilling with more trays. 
it is just so brilliant. 

so mama's. grandma's. auntie's. stock your fridge with these babies.
you will not regret it. & your kiddos will thank you.

the fourth street chick-fil-a has the trays ready on demand.
you can simply pop in & order them to go.
you'll just have a few minutes to wait as they package them up for you.

if you are hoping to get a large amount. just call ahead.

hopefully this will ease some of your burden this holiday season 
as you are having parties & family gatherings. 
everyone loves chick-fil-a! 

cluck! cluck! 

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