the c'est si bon girl

she always over dresses.
and her wardrobe is black & white.
she lives in ballet flats.
and wears her hair in a bun.
she loves jackie o.
and audrey.
and kate.
she uses good manners.
and remembers to be graceful.
she knows the importance of mascara.
and the perfect shade of red lipstick.
she reads books for pleasure.
and pretends to be a bibliophile.
she loses her keys. and her id.
but never forgets to phone her mother.
she is playful. and quick witted.
but has depth. and seeks wisdom.
she loves the big city.
and adores traveling.
she dreams of living in france.
and perfecting the language.
she bakes just for fun.
and skips dinner to eat chocolate.
she has loose coins at the bottom of her purse.
but always keeps a clean home.
she is classic. and timeless in her fashions.
she loves the Lord.
and respects her husband.
she is a c'est si bon girl.

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