beauty counter.

alright ladies. 
prepare to fall in love.
beauty counter is. hands. down. my latest obsession. 

i am a thirty year old girl that has always struggled with poor skin.
i get breakouts. hyper-pigmentation. uneven texture. dull complexion. & oily spots.
yes. the entire batch of bad skin annoyances happily reside on my face. 
it is not so much fun. and even less pretty to look at in the mirror. 

i have tried every topical. every peel. every pharmaceutical program out there.
and sadly none of them have worked the magic they claim to do.

that is until i was introduced to beauty counter.

when my let me sample her products
i was blown away at how much i loved them from the very first application.

in all honesty. the aromas. the oils. the entire process felt like a spa treatment. 
{and hey. this mama sure does miss her frequent spa sessions}

after sampling her tester kit for one week. i was hooked.
i loved the serenity of the nighttime routine.
& i really loved waking up with dewy refreshed skin every morning.

it finally dawned on me. 
applying harsh anti-aging. anti-acne. chemicals to my sensitive face. 
in hopes of having clear. youthful. beautiful skin. was back firing. 
 in reality it was sucking the life out of my face.
leaving it overly dehydrated. abused. & just a mess.
{not to mention disrupting my endocrine system. thats another topic}

my face was crying out for natural. gentle. & safe products.
that would allow my skin to thrive organically.
products that truly are good for me. 

by the way. 

did you know that europe has banned over 1300 skincare 
ingredients that are hazardous to our health & wellbeing?!

the united states has banned only 11. 

did you know that most of the skincare products on the market in the united states
contain ingredients that are known endocrine disruptors?!

that means they can foul up your metabolism. your thyroid. & even your fertility!

did you know that beauty counter does not use any ingredients that 
even pose a potential threat to your health & well-being?

consider me sold. 

beauty counter can be trusted to be safe & beneficial for our precious bodies. 

here are a few of my faves from the essential beauty counter collection. 

love this uplifting rose water spray.
super refreshing. a healthy toner. 

obsessed with this lustro face oil.
never thought i would rub oil on my face . . .
but truly this is like liquid gold. 

the routine clean face wash.
gentle & strong. all in one. 

so ladies. 
if you want to get serious about what you are 
putting on & into your body.
all the while nourishing your skin . . .
check out beauty counter

or reach out to me.
i can get you in touch with beauty counter rep. michelle. 
she is incredibly knowledgable about the entire beauty counter collection.
plus. she has sample kits that you are more than welcome to try out. 


{images courtesy of glitter guide. they love beauty counter, too!}


  1. My comment didn't post, anyway I wrote you a Facebook message about everything! Hope you are having a great day!


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