winter white.

i am a fashion rule follower.
some say its silly because we live in florida.
but i happen to enjoy obeying the fashion rules.

by the book. no exceptions.
i abide by the bookends of labor day and easter.

i find great joy in packing up each seasons clothing
as the weather begins to change.
{or here in florida, as the calendar dates change}

labor day.
pack up all summer clothes.
no. more. white.
bring out the fall fashions. 

december one.
pack up all autumnal colors.
its back to black.

break out the resort wear.
pack away the winter get ups.

white is now a staple.
break out the spring and summer garb. 

and so it goes. every year.

that being said, i am curious about your thoughts on 
winter white fashions. 

i feel that this creamy, vanilla hue is often neglected.
at first glance one might mistake it for true white,
which would be a 
fashion faux paux these days.

but really, winter white is ever so chic for these ever so cool months.
i am drawn to the elegance & simplicity that is
winter white fashion. 


i am loving the feminine winter white skirt.
the intricate lace trim is so lovely.
paired with these rugged shearling boots,
winter white perfection. 

monochromatic jeans & cable knit sweater.
perfectly accented by a mini vest.

this outfit has big flair for the dramatics.
the hat. the cinched waist line. 

i would love nothing more than to wrap myself in this luxe coat
and stroll the streets of new york city.
walking in a winter white wonderland. 

again, the pairing here is just divine.
the perfect mix of femininity & casual wear.
an easy way to masterfully tone down a frilly skirt...
throw on a chunky cable knit. 

this hat.
i die. 
the ultimate little puff.

scarves are a huge staple in my wardrobe.
often times an entire outfit is created around a scarf.
i am adoring these scarves. 
the texture is great.
the variation in creams is just perfect. 

ooohhh. la. la.
cutting edge.
cable knit sweater with the luxe turned up.
way up. 

this has a ralph lauren vibe.
perfectly chic, yet effortlessly rugged. 
i would love to have that vest in my closet.
and the sunglasses, too.

love. love. love.
so flirty. so whimsy. 

winter whites
worthy of the runway.

winter white is the new must-have for the season.
so, how do you wear your winter whites?

{all pics courtesy of pinterest}

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