we're back!

i knew we landed in the perfect honeymoon destination when our private butler said
"we are in the business of pampering you, mrs. mills."

well, hello cabo.
i think we will get along quite royally.

our. honeymoon. was. beyond. perfect.
six days in los cabos.
six days of sun.
six days of relaxing.
six days of decadence.
six days of love.

i honestly cannot think of a better way to celebrate our new life together.

we shared endless hours lounging by the pool. 
and lazy walks along the sea of cortez.
 indulged in banana splits for our afternoon snacks. 
watched sunsets from our terrace. enjoyed movies on the beach. 
dozed off in shaded hammocks. 
snuggled up in plush robes and slippers.
fell asleep to the sound of a crackling fire and fierce waves crashing.
sipped champagne. slept in late. 
ordered french toast for breakfast, with extra butter.
enjoyed everything that is overly indulgent.
as honeymooners should do. 

thank you, my lovie.
you planned the perfect honeymoon.

the view from the open air lobby. 

the infinity pool was breathtaking. 

our daily view.

feeling good.

i want one of these babies. 

it was amazing to see God's creation. 
beach to the left. desert mountains to the right. 

my most handsome hubby.

i know, i know. 
we have these in st. pete.
but he let me get so very close.
a seasoned model. 

lovin life. lovin him. 

our villa for the week.
fire place. jacuzzi bath tub. private terrace.
and.... a telescope. 

for one of our favorite friends.
love you, paola. 

oh i forgot to mention,
there were cooking lessons.
more to come on that.
i promise. 

our ride.
i'm pretty sure there should be a height limit for this little mini.
but, boy was it fun!

tour guide aficionado. 

las ventanas.

oh, to be back on this beach again.
one year anniversary?! 
a new year?!
we embrace any reason to celebrate.

but for now, 
it is time to get out of my mexicoma.
i am up to my ears in laundry & thank you notes.

a most perfect honeymoon.
ended by coming home to an even more perfect little home.
our home. 

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