a gingerbread challenge.

my lovie and i were challenged.
to a gingerbread house making contest.

if you know me at all,
i take these things quite seriously.
i may or may not have a bit of a competitive streak.

so with aprons tied tight. christmas music filling the air.
and friends near by. the games began.

there was the reading of the rules.

and fair frosting prep.

with candy gems, meringues, peppermint sticks, and the like
we all got to work decking the halls of our little houses.

we made sturdy foundations
on sugar and vanilla.

and created our roofs
sturdy enough for even reindeer to prance on.

there were pipers piping. 

and houses dusted with sprinkles. 

we decorated.

and made snow.

and got our hands very dirty.

we adorned our houses with marshmallows & licorice.

and meticulously created our masterpieces. 
all before our mystery judges came to decide.
who made the home the merriest of all?

was it this house?
with beautiful piped shingles.
and a pretzel walk way.

or what about this home?
billowing with meringue and coconut snow.

could it be this house?
the red and white candy land.

it was a close call,
as the houses were all bursting with cheer.

so we waited impatiently as the judges inspected.
with anticipation in our hearts.
and winning on our minds.

the big decision had been made! 

i won't tell you who made that gingerbread house,
as i do not like to boast.
but we ended the night celebrating good friends, with a toast.

as sweet as a foundation of sugar may be,
i am so thankful that our true foundation is build upon our Lord.
how great is He?!

1 comment:

  1. cheers! a well deserved win for the mills indeed.
    but it's on for next year!
    tom is currently working on the blue prints, trying to decide where the fireplace and front porch will go.


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