i have a serious case of
savers remorse.

{that is the opposite of buyers remorse}

i found quite a prize.
and i didn't take it home with me.
and now, weeks later, i am still pining over it.

you're probably saying,
ok, go back and get it. easy solution.
if only it were that easy.

i am sad to say that this prize is long gone,
and has taken a small piece of my heart with it.

oh, miss coco chanel oversized necklace,
you belong with me. 

so, get this. 
a few weeks ago i went to a jewelry trunk show in tampa.
i had never been to mavilo before, 
but will certainly be returning with some regularity.
{sorry, lovie}

right as i breezed through the double doors,
my gaze stumbled upon this beauty.
authentic. vintage. chunky. chanel. goodness.

you now see why i am suffering from savers remorse. 
nothing is worth saving for when this is an option.
especially when the piece is marked at wholesale price.
{a steep bargain, but a bargain none the less}

and the kicker,
this wasn't the only vintage chanel piece on display.
while this was my fave, by a landslide,
mavilo had several other lustworthy pieces like these

i am dying over this cuff.
this will never go out of style.
i'll take two please.
one on each wrist, a la coco chanel.

loving the texture on each of the coins.
i would stack this on with many, many bangles.
the more variation the better.

the quilted detail sends this charm home for me. 

an everyday earring. 
dressy or casual,
these would bump up the elegance factor.

oh yes, please.
a graduated coin necklace would look lovely 
with just about any blouse.

aren't these vintage jewels just breathtaking.
i can't get enough of them.
the weight. the gold. the glamour.

i will never doubt my chanel conscience again.

{just in case any of you are in the market, i got all these images from google. there is a ton out there. if you get some, please share with yours truly}

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