not your ordinary office.

in the last several months
our home office has served as our
multi-purpose room.

it has be the home to wedding gifts, all sorts.
it has been overflowing with wandering books.
it has served as a changing room for my lovie.
and because of this, the door has remained closed.

mostly for my own peace of mind.
if the door remains closed, 
i do not see the craziness that is our home office.
but also for the sake of drop-in visitors.
seeing a room full of books, blenders, and boxer briefs could be quite alarming.

that being said, 
i have used the last several days to conquer that corridor. 
our home office is officially on its way to order & organization. 
it is not quite there, but we are headed in the right direction.

the books have been organized into their proper shelfs.
non-fiction. biographies. sports. history.
 lovies books.
devotionals. cookbooks. fiction.
my books.
we have not quite reached the 
"whats yours is mine, and whats mine is yours" 
frame of mind when it comes to our choice of reading. 
and i happen to love that.

the wedding gifts have all been tucked away into their proper homes.
{or atleast i have delegated a home to each one}

and as far as the boxer briefs on the floor,
that may just be one of the little gifts lovie leaves me in the office every morning.
a sweet reminder that i have a husband who ever-so-quietly gets dressed
for his work day in our little office so that he doesn't wake his sleeping bride. 
love that man. 

it feels good to start getting organized in our little office.
now comes the fun part...
there is much to be decided.
color scheme. storage choices. wall decor. desk organizers.
chairs. pillows. accessories & accents. 

here are a few styles i adore. 

i am torn between the neutral gray, cream, white spaces
and the funky pops of color.
the neutral schemes would certainly blend with the rest of our house,
but the splash of color adds an energy and freshness that i love.

i am also trying to find the balance between a feminine & masculine office.
i love all things frilly. 
chandeliers, flowers. mirrored pieces.
but i also want my lovie to feel like it is his office, too.

i am also loving these organizational inspirations.

i am excited just thinking about all the order & organization.

do you have any thoughts? 
tips? ideas? inspirations?
how do you keep an organized office?

{all images courtesy of pinterest}

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