fresh faced.

i am someone who has always had fussy skin.
i seem to break out easily.
i tend to stay on the dry side.
i have tried endless products.
and my skin still lacks the luster that every girl dreams of.

you know what i am talking about.
the rosy colored cheeks.
the sweetest hue of pink that looks as if you have been 
walking around in the brisk winter air for hours.
the dewy glow.
the glow that never crosses the line to oily.
the radiant, supple skin that all girls want.
i just do not have that.
but i want it.

so, i am on the hunt for some great products. and tools.
and great tips. from you.

on the top of my christmas list is the clarisonic.

i adore this little tool.
it brushes your skin into a smooth luster.

whenever i got a facial, 
which was really just in the months before the wedding,
galena always used this on my face. 
i loved the way it felt. 
i love the way it made my skin a bit more radiant & fresh.

this would be the perfect little tool to have at home.
i could give myself a facial every night.
{although, i may be suffering from red, irritated skin if i did that}

do any of you have the clarisonic?
i would love to hear your feedback. 
do you love it? 
is it worth the pretty penny?

i am also in the market for a great moisturizer or vitamin serum.
something that will promise to make me look dewy and fresh faced.

i am intrigued by the french skin care line caudalie.
all of the products are derived from grapes, grape seeds, or vine branches.

i have always heard great words about chantecaille.

cle de peau is also a top maybe on my list.

i have used la mer before.
i liked it. 
but it did not send me over the moon.

lastly, i have just recently learned of renee rouleau.
and i am greatly interested. 

have any of you used these skin care lines?
do you have another to recommend?
how do you create your glowing winter skin?


  1. I'll be happy to share the best way to get that
    but it's sure to make you blush!

  2. I LOVE my Clarisonic! It was a splurge on a rainy afternoon, but totally worth it!

  3. I can't live with out my clairsonic!!! I've had it for 2 years and it's gentle enough to use every morning. It gives my face a fresh glow to start my day. I pride myself on my vast, tried and true product knowledge and this absolutely tops my list!

  4. our line of Relenishing Serum +C is amazing! Our whole skincare line is dreamy and 'Good Housekeeping' Approved! Thanks Kristen!

  5. Hi Kris! Love your blog!

    Just a quick question-did you get a Clarisonic for Christmas? My skin has been soooo horrible lately (a small price to pay during pregnancy #2, I guess!), so this post was particularly intriguing. I saw a commercial for an Olay cleaning system for a fraction of the price and I wasn't sure if you had considered or heard anything about that.
    Thanks! I need help :-)

    Happy New Year!
    Becky (Tapp)

  6. Hey Becky!
    I did not know you were expecting number two!!! How exciting! When are you due?
    I did get the clarisonic for Christmas and I am obsessed with it. I think I can already see an improvement.... :)
    I have not heard anything about the Olay products, but I can highly recommend Obagi :)
    Congrats, again! I am so thrilled for you. Your mom must be over the moon!

  7. Kristen & Sara,

    I have been considering a Clarisonic for months now, and I am now convinced. I am having trouble deciding which one to buy. Sara, since you have had yours for 2 years you likely don't have the new smaller Mia, but I am considering that has an efficient more affordable option. Kristen, what did you decide on? I know people who have the Professional, Classic, Mia and the Mia 2 and they all seem equally pleased and rave about their product. I am deciding between the Mia and the Classic. The big difference seems to be in the 2 speed option (Classic), more compact (Mia), and it's brush head is smaller (Mia). Any thoughts ladies?

    Thanks in advance,


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