make a statement.

i am a perennial lover of all accessories. 
jewels. sunglasses. scarves. belts. handbags. shoes. a handsome man.
you name it, i love it.

but my fave accessory of all?
easy. no doubt about it.
the statement necklace. 

i have built many of outfits around this key player.
there is nothing quite like a show stopper statement necklace.
it screams edginess. boldness. and fashionista.

whether paired with jeans and a tee,
or with a beautiful silk blouse.
the statement necklace always turns up the volume.

check it out. 

aren't they just total jaw-droppers?
i am loving all of them.
i especially love the idea of pairing a sparkly necklace dripping with jewels
with my everyday jeans and tee. 
it just exudes casual, everyday glamour. 
isn't that what we all strive for?

here are a few of my in-the-moment-faves.

go ahead.
make a statement.
which one is your fave?

{all images courtesy of pinterest}

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