our greatest dream.

lovie & i have lots of hopes and dreams for baby patrick.
dreams of great adventure in life. great success. great love.

but if we could ask for just one dream to come true.
our prayer. our hope. our dream.
 is that he will have a great. great love for the Lord. 
a strong confidence in His plan. a quiet peace in His presence.
an unwavering assurance of His provisions. 
that no matter what this life may bring him.
he will walk in faith. in grace. in dignity. & in righteousness. 

and while we fail daily to exemplify a blameless & holy life.
we pray that we can breath into patrick the words & promises of the Lord. 
that he may carry them in his heart today & everyday of his precious little life. 

that being said. i thank my sweet. sweet friend for giving us this most tender of all gifts.
a book of scriptures to pray over our little babe. 
personalized just for baby patrick.

such a wonderful blessing.
reading patrick's name in the scripture is so amazingly powerful.
we will forever treasure these God-breathed words to our babe.

love. love. love.

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