A. Liz Adventures ::: My Favorite Parisian Experience {Guest Post}

Thank you so much to sweet Kristen for inviting me to share with you all today my oh-so-favorite part of our recent trip to Paris.  Kristen is a fellow lover of all things Paris, as you may know.  :)

Visiting Paris was a definite item to check off of my "life list" and I was thrilled when my husband and I began planning for our two year anniversary trip to Europe!  I did a fair share of research before we boarded the plane (including this amazingly pretty book, which I found at Anthropologie).  Our main goal upon arriving in France was just to truly immerse ourselves in the culture and French way of life.

So, what was my favorite part of the experience?  No doubt, the food and drink!

For me, it was more than just a meal ... it was an experience.  

In the photo above, I want you to just imagine yourself right in this scene.  Atop the hill in Montmartre, at the base of the Sacre Coeur, was this amazing cafe with outdoor tables that faced the little cobblestone street.  Perfect for people-watching.  We stopped for a drink and listened to the guitar player behind me play as he sung along with the most strong, clear, beautiful voice.  Heavenly.

And here, we lunched at the most adorable little cafe where I enjoyed a croque monsieur and my husband finally got his long-anticipated croque madame (notice the egg on top!).  Oh and Pellegrino ... lots and lots of Pellegrino was consumed!

The afternoons were the perfect time to stop off at an interesting looking pub and kick back with a pint of beer, talking about highlights of the day and plans for the evening.

Oh my heavens -- that French onion soup will forever stay etched in my memory.  The thickest cheese layer with just the perfect amount of a crunch was over the perfect broth.  And that carafe of wine -- so simple and unassuming, and so tasty!

I had a smart moment, if I do say so myself, when we were packing -- I decided to toss in a small wine opener!  We had a little market at the bottom of our hotel where we picked up bottles of French wine and Evian for next to nothing.  Seriously -- it was shocking how much better the prices were than they are in the States.

Getting ready for dinner at night was made complete by having a little baguette, brie, and roquefort party on our bed.

And on this day, I had a teeny bit of a tummy ache ... no, no, no, it couldn't possibly be from the wine consumed the night before!  Regardless, it wasn't anything that the world's cutest glass of beer wouldn't fix right up in a jiffy.  ;)

So when I reminisce about our trip, I would say that the food and drink greatly dominate the memories.  I am already looking forward to the next Paris trip and the opportunity to enjoy the little cafes a second time around.  Thanks again to my friend Kristen for letting me brag on the French cuisine for a bit ... now, where can a girl find a Nutella and banana crepe around these parts?!

For more photos from our trip to Paris, click here.
To see the professional photos we had taken at the Eiffel Tower, click here.


  1. I think I ate at that very cafe when I was in Paris!! How cool!

  2. We were at that same cafe at Mont Marte in March! It was so awesome watching all of the painters. I LOVE Paris also!


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