garden inspiration part deux

in dreaming about our most perfect backyard.
we have decided that ivy covered walls is a definite must-have.
my lovie doesn't have too many opinions about aesthetics & home design.
so when he offers one up... this wife listens.
and great news.
lovie loves. loves. loves ivy covered walls.

we are putting in a privacy wall around our backyard property
and love the idea of having crawling ivy growing upon it.
it is just so elegant. 

we also love the idea of having pruned ivy growing on the back side of our house.
so we are gathering massive amounts of inspiration from these ivy covered homes.

doesn't this just look so warm & inviting?!
i adore everything about it. 
the meticulously manicured ivy walls. the fountain. the potted herbs.
that darling awning. the white sitting furniture. the edged boxwood.
this is backyard perfection with an extra dose of ivy.

oh to have walls that are wrapped in lush green ivy.
isn't it just the loveliest?! 

absolutely adore everything about this image.
{especially the dress}
but truly. these ivy walls perfectly decorate the entrance.
and the tucked away lanterns are just amazing.
love. love. love.

can hardly wait to be sitting in our backyard surrounded by walls of ivy.

{images courtesy of houzz. pinterest. and unknown} 

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