garden inspiration

when you live in an old house the project list is never-ending.
our house was built in 1938. so you can imagine our wish list of to-dos. 
i happen to love home projects & renovations & redesigns.
so this old house is the most perfect one for me.

one of the renovations that i am most excited about is our backyard & garden.
i can hardly wait. you have no idea.
we are not actually completing this project until february of 2014.
so i have lots of time to gather all sorts of inspiration.

without a shadow of a doubt...
one of the must-haves in our future backyard are round boxwoods.
i just love. love. love the look of them.
potted or planted in the ground. either way is beautiful.

do you love them as much as i do?
they are just so perfectly manicured. perfectly sculpted.
perfectly perfect for our future backyard. 

{images courtesy of pinterest. veranda magazine. unknown}

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