most beautiful things.

this morning i am inspired by absolutely beautiful things.
a muted palette. intricate details. pure elegance. 
indulge yourselves with me.

so beautiful. from her lace dress to the pearls in her hair.
even the way she sips her tea is beautiful.
i adore. love. admire. kate middleton. 

just beautiful.
love this impressionistic floral piece.
it is so soft.

there are so many beautiful elements in this image.
the gold rimmed porcelain. the blue embellishment. the script.
oh. be still my heart.

beautiful perfection.
i love everything about this estate.
i love the taupe shutters. i love the rounded doorway. i love the european pool.
i. love. it. all.

and there is nothing quite as beautiful as rose bushes climbing up fancy trellis work. 
i must have this little outdoor bungalow in my backyard.
the perfect way to stop & smell the roses.

don't you just love beautiful things?!

{all images courtesy of pinterest. source unknown}

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