our daily workout routine.

being three months old can be tough work.
patch spends most of his days doing 
tummy time {ugh} stretches {ouchie} & exercises {phew} 
our poor babe has torticollis in his little neck.

simply put. 
patch has a tightened muscle on one side of his neck.
most likely from his positioning in mommy's belly.
this causes him to favor turning his head one way. weakening the other side.
thankfully. with a few months of physical therapy & some extra work at home
sweet baby patch will be super strong in no time.

so every day. multiple times a day. we do baby sit ups.

and spend lots of time laying on our left side.
{patch's tight muscle is on the left side of his neck. so it is hard for him to look left}

we practice reaching for things.

and use our most fave. can't live without. wee gallery art cards for tracking.

these wee gallery art cards are truly amazing.
you would not believe how intrigued patch is with these little guys.
it is the easiest way for us to get him to turn his head all the way to the left.

he will not take his sweet little peepers off these critters.

we talk to our friends. 
{who always come to say hi on the left side}

and we stretch as best as we can.
it really hurts poor baby boy.

bless him.

we go back to our left side laying for a few minutes of rest.

then we practice rolling from our side to our back. and our back to our side.
all in preparation for . . .

tummy time! 
look at how strong he is getting. yahoo!

we look to the left. and we look to the right. 

he works so hard he tuckers himself out.

and is in need of some serious tender love and care.
{which mommy is totally ok with}

so we cozy up on the couch & do a few more neck turns.
this is patch's little exercise routine cool down.

and he even gives smiles after a good strong workout.

but those smiles are short lived. because this boy is whipped.
time to snuggle up in his swing for a nice long nap.

but not before mommy sneaks in a few smooches.
those cheeks are just too kissable. 

being three months old can surely be tough work.
training to hold his head. and turn his neck. and sit up is hard stuff.
but we can't wait to see how strong our boy is when he is four months.

{i like to think that this counts as my daily workout routine. too. wishful thinking}


  1. Tiernan had the same thing. Do the excersizes and he will be just fine!

  2. My little niece Harper is working on her neck exercises too (also is 3 months old)!! Cute little guy - this will be a distant memory soon! xo

  3. So glad he is progressing. My sixteen month granddaughter Evie had the same problem but you would never know it now as she on the move!! Enjoy every moment with that sweet baby- the time goes by so quickly! The best to you. Bonnie G.

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