hush. little baby.

as i was rocking baby patch to sleep tonight.
i couldn't help but think about how much i deeply cherish those sleepy moments.
our night time routine surely might be my fave of all our time together.
it is just so tender. so affectionate. & so bonding.

i love that every night we rock together.
his warm.chubby.snuggly.little body snuggled up to mine.
listening to our most treasured bedtime songs.
i sing along in a whisper. while his eyelids get heavier with every blink.
until he is fast asleep in my arms.

i know. i know.
you should never let the babe fall asleep in your arms.
that is against all the rules . . .
but i just can't help it. how can you possibly resist that precious snuggle time?!

it all started because my sweet boy has terrible acid reflux. 
the doctor said that i must hold him upright for 20 minutes after he eats.
so . . . it was kind of a necessity. 
& that has evolved into one of my fave doctor must do's.

i'm not quite sure when i will ever give it up.
and if i am being perfectly honest with you  . . .
many nights i stay in the rocking chair for a good while 
after the required 20 minutes.
just rocking. singing. praying. adoring.
there is just something so emotionally moving & so utterly satisfying 
about those precious slumbering moments.

i want to share my all time most treasured bedtime songs with you.
we listen to them every night during our bedtime routine 
& often times at naptime. too.
i know a lot of you are new mommys. or about to be new mommys.
& i just know that you will adore these lullabies as much as i do.

so here it is.
the most tender. most loving. most perfect sleepy time music.

baby mine by alison krauss
all the pretty little horses by becky jean williams
goodnight my angel by haley gibby
when you wish upon a star by libbie linton
baby mine by amy gileadi
slumber my darling by marcus bently
brahms lullaby by mikel azpiroz and scott wiley
golden slumbers by mindy gledhill
stay awake by mindy gledhill
edelweiss by paul jacobson
my darling by ryan tanner
twinkle twinkle little star by scott johnson and scott wiley
brahms lullaby by celine dion
be thou my vision by katy kinard
great is thy faithfulness by katy kinard
come thou fount of every blessing by katy kinard
how deep the father's love for us by katy kinard
fairest lord jesus by katy kinard
in the garden by katy kinard
the love of god by katy kinard
pass me not o gentle savior by katy kinard
tis so sweet to trust in jesus by katy kinard
i need thee by katy kinard
all through the night by nick lachey

i just love knowing that my sweet baby boy will grow up 
knowing hymns & sweet songs of love.
what an absolute gift.

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