my adoration for baby patrick is larger than life.
i never could have imagined a love so big. 
so insanely. tremendously. big.
but it is true my friends. 
this mother's love is so big it could wrap around 
the great big world 1000 times over. 
that. certainly. is. big.

but its funny.
all the things i love the most about baby patrick are not so very big at all.
in fact. they are quite itty bitty.

like his itty bitty ears.
where i can whisper i love yous & prayers. 

and his itty bitty hands.
that i can hold onto.

and his itty bitty footies.
that have ten perfectly curled up toes.

and his itty bitty eyes.
that are so full of wonderment & curiosity. 

and his itty bitty lips.
that are oh so kissable. 

and his itty bitty shoulders.
that are covered in peach fuzz. 

and his itty bitty neck.
that is made of wrinkles and rolls.

but most of all.
i love his itty bitty soul.
that is held by our great big God.

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