a fathers love.

sweet patrick. 
i hope you know how loved you are.

can i tell you a secret?!
i thought i loved your daddy more than ever possible.
and then i saw the way he loved you. 
and it makes me love him even more than before.

he loves you beyond words.
an unconditional. protective. affectionate. kind of love.

i can hardly wait to watch the two of you grow together over the years.
father & son. best buddies. two peas in a pod. forever & ever.
you will forever be loved by your daddy.
& i know you love him right back.

after all.
nobody gives such sweet kisses as your daddy.

and your daddy will always hold your hand.

your daddy will always protect you in the most gentle of ways.

and when you have a bad day. because somedays you will.
your daddy will be there to make it all better.
because thats what good daddy's do.
and your daddy...
well. he is just the best. 

i feel abundantly blessed knowing that my sweet baby boy 
will forever have such a tender. loving. & devoted father.
thank you lovie. you make my heart swell. 

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