oh joy!

i have been an admirer of joy. the girl behind oh joy! for a long time now.
i simply cannot help but adore her girlie &whimsy style.
i completely adore her what i would wear series.
which features fashion sketches of her dream outfits.
but here is the real kicker.
not only are the outfits she sketches so stinkin cute.
but she also links you to each & every item.
just so that you. too. can scoop up the fashions for yourself.
this could be brilliant. but it could also be t.r.o.u.b.l.e.
but either way. i just love it.
check out her thanksgiving outfits.
one casual. one fancy. whichever suits your needs.

i am loving those drawstring ikat pants.
so chic. & oh so versatile.
thanks joy for your daily dose of inspiration & your darling sketches.
y'all head on over to see the oh joy! blog for yourself.
it will surely be a new daily read.


  1. Great post !

    I came I saw I loved and I now follow :)

    Come by for a chat on my blog when you have the time ;)



  2. lovely pictures! we had our thanksgiving last month and the dinner was delicious, hope you have a great one!

  3. Beautiful outfit <3
    i'm youre new follower, would u like to follow me back?


  4. wow such cute illustrations!! thanks for linking this up - love the ikat pants too ;)

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com


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