a child of god.

the Lord has really been trying to get my attention these past few weeks.
i just love that about Him. 
He is totally & completely persistent until i get the point. 
in all seriousness. how utterly gracious of Him.

it is not like i have been praying for Him to reveal some sins.
i have not particularly been longing for another refining period. 
i am not really wishing to be stretched at this given time.

really. in my mind. i have much bigger things to be praying about.
like. the little babe of a blessing growing in me.
and my exponentially more tear-filled eyes these days.
or my diminishing patience in my classroom.
and my lack of energy to be a really great wife.
{all of which i blame on this first trimester}

now those were all on my shortlist of my prayer requests.
but it is just like our great big God. just like Him.
to turn the tables around on us. 
turn it around from the focus being on us. consistently inward.
to the focus being on others. completely outward.

as i mentioned before.
He has really been trying to get my attention.
sending his one strong & true message loud & clear.
my wise & impossibly faithful mother has been His little messenger.
bible study lectures have been His little messenger.
even joel osteen on national television has been delivering God's message to me.
{yes. i happen to adore joel. my friends may or may not laugh at me for this}
it is coming up everywhere.
 thats how why i know i need to be listening. 

He is telling me.
to be viewing each & every person as a child of God.
to focus on only that which resembles the image of Christ.
when a friend. a family member. when anyone
lets me down. reveals a sinful heart. shows their flaws.
to immediately cover them in love.
hiding their shortcomings. protecting them in their weakness.
loving them in spite of their decisions. 
& choosing only to see the goodness in them.
only acknowledging the child of God that is within them.
no judgement. only love.
always love.

after all.
i would hope that others can look at me.
a sinful. selfish. weak. girl.
& still see that i was made in the image of Christ.

i am so grateful that the Lord has put this on my heart.
it is so much easier just to simply love. & love unconditionally. 

that being said.
having a daily reminder for myself would be lovely way to start each morning.
a daily promise that i. too. am a child of God.
{wouldn't this etsy wallart be darling in a little babes nursery?! love it}

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  1. So, so beautifully stated! You put my thoughts onto paper in such an eloquent way. And congratulations to you! Motherhood is amazing. I just posted a baby name reveal too...



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