lenny & eva.

i have a major crush on the brand lenny & eva.
this inspirational & sentimental jewelry line totally speaks my language. 

it is super cute. it is adorably original. & it is jam-packed with faith. 
it is the perfect everyday accessory collection. 

i was so over the moon when i discovered this line at marion's

all the pieces are interchangeable. 
which guarantees a one-of-a-kind look
that is completely catered to your style & personality. 

the cuffs. the beaded bracelets. the chains. the wraps.
the charms. the sentiment plaques. the add ons.
they all can be switched & worn in so many different ways. 
it is just brilliant. 

i have stacked my arm full of faith reminders.
i need those throughout the days.
it is so sweet to look down & be reminded 
of grace. or to pray. or of His truths. 

i mean. really?!
how cute is this little bundle?!
i just adore them. 

these would be the perfect gift for any girlfriend
as they speak to all women, in all walks of life. 
some are centered on love. some are centered on encouragement. 
but all are equally inspiring.
i just love it. 

so run out today and snag your interchangable lenny & eva.
marion's has a big collection with a ton of options to choose from. 
visit her & she can help you create the perfect look. 

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