diy magnetic board.

i love the idea of a magnetic board in a playroom.
it is just so much fun. & really stinkin cute.
it provides great entertainment. imagination stimulation. & a bit of education. too.

i had been on the hunt for the perfect one . . . but just could not find it.
i wanted it to be extra big. and to order an extra big one costs extra big bucks. 
so. i decided that we could just make our most perfect magnetic board.
& it turned out exactly as i had hoped it would. 

our board is a whoppin' four feet by six feet.
& the entire board cost less than 100 dollars to build.
{thats a steal compared to the options i found online}
the kicker is that it only took one weekend to make. 
{thanks to a super handy dad}

first things first. 
we got a piece of sheet metal cut to the size we wanted.

next. we used liquid nails to adhere the sheet metal to a piece of plywood.
{you want the plywood & sheet metal to be the same size}
using clamps to hold the pieces together . . . let the glue dry overnight. 

pick up some trim molding from home depot to use for your framing.
paint it the color of your choosing. i chose glossy black. per usual. 
adhere the trim to the sheet metal using liquid nails. 

after the board & trim have completely dried
it is time to hang your board.
keep in mind that the board is very heavy.
you will definitely want to make sure you affix it well. 

then voila!
you have your very own magnetic board. 

accessorize your board with age appropriate magnets & watch the fun begin. 
i chose to use wooden animals. letters. & dinosaurs. 
they are super cute & big enough that they won't fit in patrick's mouth. 

all of the animals have really sparked patrick's curiosity.
he loves to point at each of them so we can tell him their names.
he also loves to try to take the magnets off & put them back on again.
it is really fun to watch him explore his great big new toy. 

we always knew magnetic boards were way fun . . .
but who knew they were so easy to make?!


  1. The board looks amazing! It’s actually a great idea to use it as a learning board for toddlers. And it seems like Patrick is already having fun with the magnetic animals, letters, and dinosaurs, which is pretty cool. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post with us, Kristen. Cheers!

    Rosemary Bailey @ WabiCorpCa

  2. That magnetic board is huge! That is a great way to make use of those metal sheets. Anyway, how is the board holding up? I bet Patrick had a lot of fun while learning with it. Thanks for sharing! All the best!

    Bernice Parsons @ Badger Anodising


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