gift of thanks no. 4 & 5.

it is time to wrap up my gift of thanks series.
after all. thanksgiving is just three short days away. 
today i will be featuring two super simple. super sweet. gifts of thanks.
and tomorrow will be the grand finale. 

i really love gift of thanks no. 4.
it is literally the easiest gift in the world.
but it surely will mean the world to the recipient.

a love & thanks jar
is a wonderful gift of thanks for those you love most of all.

a love & thanks jar is exactly what it sounds like.
a little jar. jam-packed. with words of love & thanks.

i made one of these for my lovie a few years ago.
his love language is certainly words of affirmation . . .
so this meant so very much to him.
is there someone in your life who thrives on words of affirmation?
if so. this is the most perfect gift for them.

all i did was cut little pieces of kraft paper.
& wrote words of love & thanks on them.
some are silly. some are sentimental.
but all are surely from the heart.

just put all the little love notes in the jar & embellish it with a ribbon.
this will be the gift that keeps on giving for many years to come.
as the recipient can always go back & read your words for some encouragement.
{lovie still keeps his jar at his desk. so sweet}

a love & thanks jar is a sweet & simple way to share a grateful heart.

i also love gift of thanks no. 5. 
it is not quite as sentimental as no. 4. 
but it absolutely makes the heart warm.
and that is something to be thankful for!

a fall spice candle is always a necessity at this time of year.
it just makes the home so welcoming & cozy.

i especially love the tyler candle company line.
you can find them at our local boutique, marion's.

tie a fall colored ribbon around this burnt orange candle
& you have a darling. and divine. little gift of thanks.
one that anyone would love to receive.

gift of thanks no. 4 & 5 are both so easily put together.
you can have it done in a snap.
take a few minutes today 
& surprise a loved one with a gift of thanks!

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