wedding bells.

even though i am nine short weeks away from my due date
i have weddings on my mind.
bridal showers & bridal blessings. gown fittings & bridesmaids dresses.
all the loveliness that goes along with wedding planning. 

three of my dearest girlfriends are planning weddings right now.
one is in may. one is in june. & one is in november. 
it goes without saying... i am hearing wedding bells... and that makes me so very happy.

to this day. in my mind. my wedding gown was the most beautiful ever.
however. if i had to. was forced to. was made to. choose another gown to wear
it very well might be this stunner. 

i happen to think this is just the loveliest.
i adore the sheer lace back & the oversized bow.
it just doesn't get much prettier. 

{image courtesy of helloweddingdiary. francesca miranda bridal}


  1. That is so pretty. I had no lace and if I were to do it today, I think I would love a little lace.
    8 weeks away~ Wow~~


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