love, nina jane.

i have completely fallen in love with jewelry line
love, nina jane.
not only because the jewelry designs are so terrificly darling & unique.
but also because the three women behind the line are even more lovable than imaginable.

the perfect melding of southern charm & city chic.
the gals behind love, nina jane perfectly compliment one another in every possible way.
i have just had such a swell time interviewing & chatting with these gals.
they are terribly witty. incredibly endearing. impossibly genuine through & through.
and i love a gal like that. 
so you can imagine. 
i really love three gals like that.

allow me the complete joy of introducing you to my new friends.
the sweet ladies of love, nina jane.

two sisters. anne & jane number one. 
and one friend. jane number two.
being raised by two mothers who happened to be the dearest of friends.
these three were destined by the Lord to become a great trio.
a great trio of jewelry designers.
their inspiration is appropriately drawn from their fashionable mothers.
one was from the south. & one was from new york.
but both were named...
nina jane.

so lovely that the line is so tenderly called love, nina jane.
the ladies look at each piece designed as 
a love letter to the two nina janes up in heaven.

how wonderfully sweet is that?!

i just love their jewelry. as it is the perfect everyday accessory.
the pearls represent the southern nina jane.
and the leather represents the urban nina jane.
and the catholic medals are a nod to home. south louisiana. 

don't you just love the simplicity of this necklace? 
so understated. but simultaneously a statement piece. indeed.
i adore the layered strands of graduated lengths. 
i could see this paired with a pair of skinny jeans. a tee. & some riding boots.
so everyday-fall chic. 

love, nina jane really is the passion that beats in these three gals hearts.
each & every piece is made by their loving hands. 
& that makes each piece so very special.

thankfully. the ladies of love, nina jane have so graciously offered
to give one lucky c'est si bon reader a piece from their line.
& let me tell you. it is just beautiful. you will totally want this.

this three strand pearl & leather bracelet is sure to be your new everyday accessory.
don't you just adore it? & even more so because you know the story behind its very being?!

being a girl who is so wildly inspired by my own mother.
i hugely appreciate the story behind love, nina jane.
may all of us continue to draw great inspiration from our dear mothers.
they are wise beyond belief. & for that i am grateful.

to enter in this darling giveaway follow these simple steps:
2. leave a comment on the c'est si bon facebook page or on the blog sharing
what about your mother gives you great inspiration. 
3. post this link on your facebook wall. 

giveaway winner will be announced on october 9.
good luck! 

thank you jane. jane. & anne. for sharing you sweet story with us.
you have touched my little heart.


  1. love to win this. thank-you for sharing.

  2. My mother has inspired me in so many ways, from her decorating to her classic style of dress to her incredible cooking and entertaining skills. She is good at everything! Love the jewelry!

  3. Kristen,
    My Mother inspires me at 85 years young, raised 7 children, 12 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. She is thrifty yet has the most generous heart. She always has love to give and a smile. She also loves to dress up and celebrate!

  4. Thank you so much for your comment! They are georgeous this necklace and bracelet! Wish i win!! xoxo

  5. So pretty–I love how they've photographed it all, too!

    The Glossy Life

  6. Love my LNJ bracelet! Always get compliments and questions about where friends can get one, too. Hope I win!!

  7. So Pretty Kristen! My mom's love for Jesus is such an inspiration to me! She was diagnosed with MS years ago and just seeing her walk with Jesus is amazing. She always says I will never give up on life because of JESUS!

    Also, wanted to say congrats on future baby Mills. I have one 3 year boy and he is a joy to be around. Congrats! Love reading you blog!

  8. My mothers courage and bravery from overcoming hardships gives me great inspiration every single day. I am lucky she is my mother.

  9. I have liked Love Nina Jane on Facebook.


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