the saturday morning market
is a fall-time favorite activity of mine.

i love getting up early.
throwing a scarf around my neck.
pulling my hair up in a messy bun.
putting on my biggest sunglasses
{this allows me to go out without make-up on}
and grabbing a tea to go. 

strolling around the market.
with friends. or with my lovie.
seeing familiar faces..
basking in the sunshine.
sampling the all the foods.
enjoying the simple life of a lazy saturday morning. 

fresh baked goods.
these hearty loaves are begging to be dipped in some hot soup.

fresh pastas galore.
my favorite is not pictured, but it is divine.
butternut squash ravioli with cinnamon dusted pasta shells.
if that doesn't scream fall goodness, i don't know what does.

vibrant. organic. produce.

aromatic loose teas.

and lots of fall flowers.

when strolling the morning away,
i always like to be super comfy.
but being put together is still a must.

this is my idea of a perfect market outfit.
so simple. yet so chic.

great flats.
classic black.
loose scarf.
pencil pants.
killer bag.
and a handsome man.

the epitome of market style.

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